Our Tech

Airblock is a specialized ERP system that provides a peer-to-peer chained business ecosystem. We want to empower every stakeholder within the supply chain through AI, ML and Blockchain. 

Tool & Equipment


Our customers keep the visibility and traceability of their assets linked with their maintenance requirements. 


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Maintenance Management

Users will be able to manage their entire maintenance process within the platform. Whether the service is required or it is an AOG, users will have total control over the communication and services performed by the servicer. 

Supply Chain Intelligence

Users will be able to control and standardize the procurement process and allocate the inventory. Airblock will generate valuable data through ML, to help the supply chain key decision-making. 


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Complete Traceability

Airblock´s tech will provide security, traceability, and record-keeping thanks to theblockchain technology built in it. Our platform will also help make smarter decisions by providing AI to our users' data intelligence. 

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