The Team

Janet Chacon

Co-founder & CEO

Aeronautical Engineer BE

MBA with FinTech concentration

15+ years of experience in the Aviation Industry. Natural-born entrepreneur exploring the most innovative technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and AI technologies

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Janet Chacon

Brian H. Hough

Co-founder & CTO

B.S. Communication, Public Relations, Political Science 

Web2 & Web3 Developer

Five-time Global Hackathon Winner,  LIFE’S MANTRA: “Let’s digitize our world for the better, together!” , AWS Community Builder

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Brian H. Hough
Gabriel Kessler

Gabriel Kessler

Finance & Corporate Strategy

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BBA in Operations Management

3+ years in Investment Banking years, corporate strategy, and data analytics.


Martin Solorzano

Business Development & Marketing

M.S. in International Business with a specialization in Business Analytics. 

+5 year experience in business modeling & strategy, business development, and international relations.
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Juan David Caro

Juan D. Caro

Product Owner

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